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With over 20 years experience in the glazing industry, Ideal Glass are fully insured & certified to repair a range of common issues with window and doors in the Harpenden area.

FENSA Registered company for Window Repair in Harpenden
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Insurance Backed Guarantee/Deposit Protection for Window Repair in Harpenden
Window Repair By Ideal Glass | Harpenden | Harpenden | Fast & Reliable Fix for Your Windows

Experiencing draftiness or damage to your windows in Harpenden? Our expert team delivers top-notch window repair services ensuring your home remains warm, secure, and energy-efficient. We specialize in fast, reliable repairs for all types of windows. With our professional touch, your windows will not only be fixed promptly but will also regain their original charm and functionality. Don't let broken windows disrupt your comfort and safety. Contact us today for impeccable window repair service in Harpenden!

Broken Glass Replacement Harpenden

Smashed Glass

We can replace a range of glass panes and double/triple glazed units in variety of products in both residential & commercial settings such as... Fast efficient measure, manufacture & installation service ensures your Harpenden home is secured as soon as possible.

Misted - Blown - Condensation Double Glazing Replacement Harpenden

Misted/Blown Units

Condensation building up inside windows is not only unsightly but means your windows are not thermally efficient. These units cannot be repaired and have to be be replaced. Fast efficient measure, manufacture & installation service ensures your Harpenden home is secured as soon as possible.

Replacement Handles, Hinges, Mechanisms - Harpenden

Window Hinges/Handles

Hinges can be replaced on older windows to allow them to open more, making it easy to escape in the event of a fire. Handles can be fitted to match existing styles in your Harpenden home.


Get a Quotation for Glass Repair in Harpenden

Here is the procedure for Ideal Glass to repair your windows or doors in Harpenden...

  • Measure any glass panels that need replacing.
  • Take photos or a video to illustrate the problem & the location in the property.
  • Send measurements, photos, videos & any description to us.
  • We will swiftly respond with a estimate for the work.
  • If you are happy with the estimate we will schedule a time to come and measure up accurately, here we will take a deposit.
  • We will order the required parts/glass
  • We will schedule a time to come and complete the repair and take full payment.

Ideal Glass is FENSA registered

A FENSA certificate isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have. Because the certification means you’re working with a professional company that will meet two legal requirements and provide you with an important level of protection. Most people haven’t the time, knowledge or inclination to check these three things themselves. So, what are they?

A FENSA certificate is your assurance that the installer who fitted your windows or doors has complied with Building Regulations. It also means that your installation(s) will have been registered with the Local Council. These are legal requirements and proof of them is essential when selling your home.

In addition, FENSA certificates issued after 6 June, 2014 verify that the installer’s warranty is insured. Reassuring to know if anything goes wrong, and the business gets into trouble.

So remember: you’re not just asking for a FENSA certificate. You’re asking if that window or door installer you’re thinking about using is professional, will comply with Building Regs, register your installation, and offer an insured warranty.

That’s why we say the FENSA certificate is all the proof you need of a job done right.


Ideal Glass, High Street,
Harpenden AL5 2RU.

Reviews from customers

Ideal Glass have a fantastic reputation in the local area, we work very hard to maintain this by ensuring our customers complete satisfaction. We firmly believe that the measure of a glazing company should be its number of negative reviews, and not just its positive reviews.

This page contains some hand picked customer reviews as well as links to our reviews on external websites. Simply click on the on the logos to see our great reviews around the web.

FENSA Registered company for Window Repair in Harpenden
Google Reviews for Window Repair in Harpenden
Insurance Backed Guarantee/Deposit Protection for Window Repair in Harpenden
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“Ideal Glass were fantastic from start to finish. From the no-pressure quote, to the great price without needing to haggle, to keeping us informed along the way until installation. The fitters were polite and did a fantastic job, we're really pleased with our windows and would be more than happy to recommend you to others.”

Isa Ibarra
St Albans
Review Image

“We are very pleased with all aspects of our window and door Installation. The whole process was carefully managed from the initial quote to the final installation. All the staff were polite and friendly, the consultations before work commenced were thorough so we knew exactly what to expect. The installation was carried out by experienced friendly people who took time to keep disruption to a minimum. We were impressed by the fitters with the speed of their work whilst retaining minimum disruption. We have no hesitation in recommending based on our experience. We are really pleased with the end results.”

Michelle Afriyie
St Albans
Review Image

“Very tidy in there work, the finish of the installation was to a high standard and the products are of a high quality and competitive price. My cousin reccomended Ideal Glass to me and I shall be reccomending them to others myself.”

Ronnie Akumu
St Albans
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Read more reviews
Window Repair By Ideal Glass | Harpenden | Harpenden | Fast & Reliable Fix for Your Windows

Expert Window Repair Services in Harpenden

Located amidst the charming county of Hertfordshire, Harpenden is known for its picturesque beauty and tranquil landscapes. Amidst this serenity, the importance of well-maintained and functional windows cannot be overstated. Windows are not just aesthetic elements of your home; they are crucial for insulation, security, and energy efficiency. This is where professional window repair services in Harpenden come into play.

Harpenden residents understand that dealing with broken, damaged, or inefficient windows is not just about fixing a pane of glass. It's about ensuring the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of their homes. High winds, accidental impacts, wear and tear over time—all of these factors can lead to the need for window repair or replacement.

Our window repair experts are at the forefront of rendering reliable and efficient services. With a profound understanding of the various types and styles of windows found in Harpenden homes, from sash to bay, casement to tilt and turn, our professionals are adept at handling all your window repair needs. Whether it's a matter of broken glass, faulty locking mechanisms, damaged frames or seals, or even if you're experiencing draughts, our skilled technicians are equipped to deal with it all.

Quality is at the core of our service philosophy. We use only the highest grade materials, ensuring that all repairs not only restore your windows to their original integrity but also align with the aesthetic value of your property. We believe in a job done right, which means we don't compromise on quality for the sake of cost. Instead, we provide long-lasting solutions that are cost-effective in the long run.

Energy efficiency is a key concern for every Harpenden homeowner. With energy prices on the rise, ensuring your windows are well sealed and insulated is imperative. A small crack or gap can lead to significant heat loss, which in turn, leads to higher heating bills. Our window repair can help mitigate these issues, upgrading your windows with energy-efficient materials that save you money and keep your home warm and cozy.

The security of your property is paramount. We recognize that damaged or weak windows are an open invitation to potential intruders. Our window repair services also focus on enhancing the security features of your windows, installing robust locking mechanisms and reinforcing the structure to safeguard your home against break-ins.

Customer satisfaction drives our window repair services in Harpenden. We take pride in our swift response times, clear communication, and comprehensive aftercare. Our team of friendly professionals ensures the job is done with minimal disruption to your daily routine, and we leave no stone unturned to make the entire process seamless and stress-free for our clients.

Harpenden's unique architectural heritage is worth preserving, and windows play a significant role in that. When choosing our window repair services, you are not just hiring a repair company; you are entrusting the integrity and beauty of your home to craftsmen who respect and understand the value of your property. We are committed to ensuring your windows are as good as new, blending seamlessly with the historical charm that Harpenden is loved for.

Don't let damaged or inefficient windows detract from your home's comfort, energy efficiency, or security. Reach out to Harpenden's leading window repair service and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your windows are in proficient hands. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards pristine, functioning windows that stand the test of time.

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